10I just wanted to tell you a story about one feral kitten that we watched all last winter who would tip toe out from under the old car where she lived to desperately drink the fresh water we had just left at the feeding site. Of course we are watching this from our cars as they don’t come out until they think we are gone. As I watched this small little creature over those few months I fell in love with her. I just knew something was special about her. In the spring she was one that we definitely wanted to trap and we were successful one early morning in April.  We took her to get her spayed and checked over for any problems but she checked out OK.  I took her home to see if I had a chance of taming her, as I had tried with another kitten we had caught earlier and it didn’t take long to see that she was not going to have any humans touching her so we fixed her and put her back in the colony. It was a lot of patience and time sitting on the floor just talking and sometimes just quiet time just letting her know I was there to be her friend.  After about 4 months of spending quality time with her everyday I could see little breakthroughs which encouraged me to keep moving forward with this quest. I had never done this before so it was a learning experience for me and for her. At about the 6 month mark I was able to pet her and hold her and kiss her and she is the most adoring and trusting cat I have ever had and I have had a few….  I am so grateful that I saw something in that little kitten and now I have the most wonderful friend in the world and her name is Babe!!