Kittyhawk’s mission is to reduce the number of unwanted, neglected and abused animals in the greater Edmonton area and to support the efforts of other qualified animal  rescue groups in their endeavours to achieve these goals.


Kittyhawk’s special interests include providing annual grants to other federally-registrered animal welfare and rescue groups in the Edmonton area,  facilitating  no-cost neuter and spay clinics, and supplying  hand-crafted beds and toys to other local rescue groups.  Kittyhawk invites applications on an annual basis from animal rescue groups in the greater Edmonton area who meet the necessary qualifications.  Funding is available on May 31st of each year.  Please email us by May lst  for an application if you wish to be considered for a grant

Kittyhawk Donation

Special Thanks to our Volunteers

A special thank you to all of our volunteers for their countless hours of dedication including our foster care homes, feral cat feeding volunteers, spay and neuter day volunteers and our many sewers who create the beautiful pet beds and toys.  All of these individuals allow Kittyhawk to continue its work for animal welfare.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors