10I just wanted to tell you a story about one feral kitten that we watched all last winter who would tip toe out from under the old car where she lived to desperately drink the fresh water we had just left at the feeding site. Of course we are watching this from our cars as they don’t come out until … Read More


Here is what a couple of the rescue groups said after they received their baskets at Christmas for the animals . I so very much appreciate the food and basket of goodies we received from you at Christmas for all our “kids”. We currently have 8 dogs and 365 cats in our care, so the beds, toys and food was … Read More

Christmas Baskets For Dog and Cat Rescue Groups

There is never a better time to give lots of toys, food and blankets to animals in need than at Christmas.  Once a year Leslie invites a group of ladies to her home where lots and lots of sewing happens plus immeasurable laughter amongst the women and a bit of food to nourish us throughout the day. Even if you don’t … Read More